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Folding Guard Tenant Storage Lockers convert vacant space into a profitable storage center.
Folding Guard Tenant Storage Lockers are economical in both material and installation costs. The lockers are maintenance free and built to last.
Folding Guard Tenant Storage Lockers provide an attractive, convenient, on-site location for storing a variety of recreational, seasonal, and household items.
Folding Guard Tenant Storage Lockers furnish a secure, affordable alternative to other, often costly storage facilities.
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TrashMasters, Inc. has been providing and installing tenant storage lockers in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years. We use only the best products on the market for tenant storage. Because of our highly skilled and professional installation crew, TrashMasters, Inc. is able to fabricate and design storage lockers for any room configuration. We pride ourselves on our custom designs and space saving layouts. If you have have tenants with cluttered apartments or condos, then give us a call today for an estimate on installing some space saving storage lockers.
Are your tenants running out of places to store their stuff? Are large personal items making your tenants' apartment or condo cluttered? If you answered yes then you probably could use Tenant Storage Lockers.