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Whether its a high rise, mid rise, garden apartment community or restaurant, TrashMasters, Inc. has the right waste compaction equipment to fit your waste handling needs. We supply everything from container compactors, bagger compactors, vertical compactors, and self-contained compactors. Each is specifically designed for volume of waste intake, size of compaction room, type of building, or even the type of waste. Our compactors can include customizations for special individual waste needs. Call us for an estimate and more information on our compactors.
Most commonly
used chute fed compactor.
Short machine used in smaller
compactor rooms.
Very short system used in
extremely small compactor rooms.
Wilkinson chute fed compactor
Shorter version of Wilkinson
compactor system.
The five
compactor systems shown are for
ground level applications where
two cubic yard compaction containers can be transported to street level for hauler dumping.
Short version of
extruder/bagger system.
(Bldgs up to 125 units)
Standard size
extruder/bagger system.
(Bldgs up to 200 units)
Heavy duty extruder/
bagger system.
(Bldgs up to 325 units)
These three
bagger machines
are used in
compactor rooms
located below
Outside vertical
machine typically
used in restaurants.
Vertical cabinet machines
for indoor restaurant
or commercial applications.
30 yard roll off
outdoor compactor
for large commercial properties
As one of the largest furnishers and installers of Waste Compaction Systems in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have always taken pride in our ability to match the right compaction system to the many different buildings and projects we have worked on over the last 30 years.